About OMB

The Directors/Partners and staff of OMB Accountants Limited, Chartered Accountants have been serving the needs of businesses in Galway City and County, and its immediate environs for decades. In Galway City, we can trace our origins back to 1935

In September 2017, following a restructuring, OMB, Chartered Accountants was launched, which we incorporated in July 2019. Today we consist of four Partners and fifteen staff.

In our practice we have seven qualified Chartered Accountants and four other qualified personnel. 

  • Ability: We operate from modern office premises at Steamship House, Dock Street, Galway, where our teams, managed directly by our five partners, combine technical skills with commercial awareness, creative flair and the ability and willingness to communicate with our clients.
  • Local: We are locally owned and locally driven to provide the highest quality services to our clients in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner so as to maximize added value to our clients.
  • Relationships: We pride ourselves on our record of client retention and have built long standing relationships with our clients.
  • Personnel: We are noted by all categories of our clients and peers for the high level of qualified personnel on staff, for our outstanding training record with trainee accountants and the courtesy of our support staff.
  • Fees: We conduct our business in an organised, confidential and professional manner, with a clarity regarding fees which has always been acceptable to clients.